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Admitted Students Next Steps

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Welcome to Saint Louis University

Let us be the first to congratulate you. You're on your way to becoming a Billiken! If you will be attending our main campus in St. Louis, Missouri, read on. If you are attending 博彩网址大全-Madrid, review information for our students in Spain.

What's Next?

Here are your next steps

Step One: Get Started in my博彩网址大全

The my博彩网址大全 门户网站为我们录取的学生提供全面的在线资源. As a 新的Billiken,你可以使用my博彩网址大全申请住房,并看到重要的到期日期. 

  1. You will log in to your my博彩网址大全 account using your 博彩网址大全 Net ID and 博彩网址大全 Net ID password. You can find your 博彩网址大全 Net ID, Banner ID和创建临时博彩网址大全网ID密码的说明 Billiken Gateway portal. 1818 students: 如果您以前登录过my博彩网址大全或支付过课程费用,请使用相同的密码.
  2. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your Okta multi-factor authentication. 

Log in to my博彩网址大全

Need help? ITS is available by phone weekdays at 314-977-4000.

Step Two: Confirm Your Enrollment

Don’t let College Decision Day stress you out. As May 1 approaches and you weigh your 选择大学,知道你的博彩网址大全招生顾问在这里 为了让你的事情变得更容易,并帮助你通过注册和经济援助 processes. Please contact your admission counselor 如果您对存款有任何疑问或需要帮助. We’re here for you, 我们的比利肯社区迫不及待地欢迎你回家.

为了确认你在博彩网址大全的注册,你需要支付注册押金. (For 博彩网址大全-Madrid students, this is called a confirmation fee.) This secures your place in 并应在你决定就读博彩网址大全时提交. If 如果你决定不上博彩网址大全,你的博彩网址大全押金将被没收.

Step Three: Complete All Your my博彩网址大全 To-Dos

Once you've logged into my博彩网址大全, you can:

Tell Us Your Housing Preferences

  • Housing contracts can be viewed and completed through my博彩网址大全. You must first submit your enrollment deposit. 在您的存款被处理后(24-48),您将获得合同的访问权限 hours). Interested in theme housing? Complete your Learning Community or theme housing application. 你的宿舍安排是基于你的学习社区.

Get Ready for 博彩网址大全 101

  • Register for 博彩网址大全 101 Orientation.
  • 目前居住在海外的学生不需要参加博彩网址大全 101迎新课程. 

Complete Course Placement Materials

  • Make sure to complete your course placement materials as soon as possible.
    • 在提交您的申请后,您将可以访问Canvas中的课程安排网站 deposit.  你可能需要48小时才能看到里面所有的测试结果 Canvas.
    • 考试成绩是用来创建你的第一学期的时间表,所以它是很重要的 complete them soon and to do your best.  
    • 如果你没有参加考试,你可以选择重新参加数学和化学考试 the appropriate level the first time.  
    • Visit the Course Placement page for more details.

Stay in Touch

  • 博彩网址大全 Email: Be sure to log in to your address regularly for important reminders and updates from us. Select the Microsoft Office 365 Mail app in my博彩网址大全.
  • 如果您使用高中电子邮件地址申请博彩网址大全,请联系您的录取 在您的高中电子邮件帐户失效之前(5月15日之前),请与 an alternative email address. 
  • 打开Google Play或苹果应用商店,搜索“导航学生”." Once the app安装后,搜索“Saint Louis University”并使用博彩网址大全登录凭证 to get started.

Get Your 博彩网址大全 ID

  • Submit your photo for your 博彩网址大全 ID. Be on the lookout for an email, sent to your 博彩网址大全 电子邮件帐户,将在春末分享如何提交照片的信息 online for your 博彩网址大全 ID. View 博彩网址大全 ID photo guidelines.

Health To-Dos

  • Submit required immunization and screening records to 博彩网址大全’s vaccine portal before the Aug.1 deadline.
  • 博彩网址大全的疫苗门户网站将逐步指导您提交所需的免疫接种 并允许您加载健康记录,以便您可以 在您的时间内,请参考门户以了解任何其他特定于程序的需求 at 博彩网址大全. Visit the Student Health Center page for more information.

Step Four: Review Financial Aid

Invest in Your Future

博彩网址大全现在收到了FAFSA的数据,并公布了官方的财务数据 aid offers!

由于博彩网址大全的预估报价不再可用,请确保您已经提交了您的 FAFSA正式确定您是否有资格获得州和联邦补助金和贷款. 

Please contact your admission counselor with any questions. 

  • Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • 博彩网址大全 code: 002506
  • 检查您的电子邮件-个人和/或博彩网址大全的电子邮件地址-来自博彩网址大全学生的消息 Financial Services. 您将在此消息中找到您的个性化URL,以查看您的 financial aid offer.
  • 接受你的经济援助的条款和条件.
  • Accept or decline your financial aid offer.
  • Complete your Master Promissory Note if you accepted loans.
  • Make arrangements to pay your final account balance. First payment is due Aug. 3

Step Five: Complete Other To-Dos

Visit 博彩网址大全

  • The best way to see yourself at 博彩网址大全 is to visit campus! Head to our visit page to explore spring 2024 events for admitted students.

Join Our Community on ZeeMee

  • 通过加入聊天和参加现场活动,与其他未来的比利肯人交朋友 with your new 博彩网址大全 community on ZeeMee.

See How Your Credits Transfer

Final Transcripts

  • 高中和/或大学最终成绩单必须不迟于8月9日提交. 1. 成绩单可以邮寄到招生办公室,上传到你的 Billiken Gateway portal or sent electronically to Transcripts may also be dropped off at DuBourg Hall, Room 119.

Health To-Dos 

Enroll in or waive your student health insurance by Aetna before you move to campus. Registration will open in mid-June.

International Services

International students have a few additional steps. Our Office of International Services can help.

Congratulations From 博彩网址大全 President Fred P. Pestello

What's Next?

Prepare For Your First-Year at 博彩网址大全

我们相信在博彩网址大全教育的是全人. We are not only 关心你的思想,也关心你的心,身体和精神. From various tour 选择博彩网址大全体验式学习计划,发现许多开始的方法 connecting with 博彩网址大全.

Visit 博彩网址大全

将您的问题和好奇心带到我们为录取学生提供的参观选择之一. 没有比这更好的方式来结识在校学生、探索校园和获取信息了 you need to ease your mind. 

First-Year Experience

博彩网址大全 101迎新活动和博彩网址大全秋季迎新活动是首批活动 这是你第一年工作的开始,也称为FYE. You'll find resources 支持你在博彩网址大全的第一年以及以后的学习.

Real-World Experience

在简历中加入现实世界的经验可以帮助你在未来的雇主中脱颖而出. 在上课前开始参加我们的虚拟实习吧, part of the 博彩网址大全 EXPeriential Learning Program. 无论如何,任何高中生、本科生或研究生都有资格参加 of your enrollment status at 博彩网址大全.


We’re Here to Help

General questions? Contact your admission counselor, or email us at

Trouble Accessing your my博彩网址大全 account? Chat with ITS (Ask博彩网址大全).

Issues accessing Payment Suite? If you're in your my博彩网址大全 account and unable to make a payment, email